As a bronze owner, you have the privilege of caring for and maintaining your work of art. Attentive care will ensure that it retains its beauty for generations and increases in value.

Some collectors prefer that their bronzes look newly-finished, which requires the regular application of wax. Others may prefer that their bronzes show the natural changes in color that are brought on by exposure to the elements over time. However, even in this case, some maintenance is important for the preservation of the sculpture.

Care should be taken not to scratch or bump the patina, as this thin surface layer is the most fragile part of the sculpture. But accidents happen, and a patina may need to be touched up – a service Janapatina will happily provide. Once a sculpture has been restored, its beauty and detail of texture can once again be enjoyed. Furthermore, restoration halts the progress of deterioration.

The implementation of a proper maintenance program is the most effective guard against the deterioration and possible loss of colour in a bronze work of art.