raw bronze patina

The word “Patina” refers to any fading, darkening or signs of age on bronze and other metals.

Bronze is a 90% copper alloy and therefore, like copper, is a resilient metal that is resistant to rust and corrosion.

When bronze oxidizes, natural changes occur on the surface of the metal, resulting in the development of browns, blacks and often greens, with the colours depending on the acidity of the environment. This result is known as the patina.

Since it may take many years for these colours to develop naturally, techniques using heat and chemicals are utilized by the patineur to create similar effects in a shorter space of time. Newly-cast bronzes never leave the foundry without some form of patina being applied. The specific patina is chosen by the sculptor and executed by the patineur. For many sculptors, colour is not as important as the balance and movement of a piece, and as such it's the patineur's job to interpret the sculptor's wishes to accentuate or subdue any of these aspects.

Colour can be used to create life-likeness, enhance texture and define the piece as a whole. Although it's a separate creative process, choosing the right patina is key. At Janapatina sculptors are welcome to collaborate with the patineur in the patination process to create a true work of art.

We pride ourselves in the depth of choice we can offer in bronze patinas. You can browse through these in the patina samples sub menu. You can also get an idea of how some of these patinas work for other artists in the gallery submenu.