raw bronze patina

Other Metals

With the right treatment, copper and brass age naturally in a beautiful manner, producing variegated patterns of greens and browns. Now, imagine the same effect, not only on brass and copper, but also on stainless steel. Imagine not only natural colours, but also reds, oranges, silvers, blacks, grays and more on these metals. Janapatina knows just how to manipulate their surfaces to make patination magic.

The patinas on these metals are chiefly achieved with either hot or cold methods.


Method: Using a blow torch, the metal is heated and chemicals are layered to achieve the correct opacity and colour. Benefits: Any color patina can be achieved immediately.


Method: Using the heat from the sun, the metal is gently heated and chemicals are sprayed on to accelerate the natural oxidizing process. Benefits: Natural patinas are formed, although this may take many days due to the slower process.

Stainless steel is well known for its non-tarnishing properties and as such, a patina does not form naturally. Thus, the metal must be forced to produce various colours and textures.