About Janapatina

Jana Neethling, owner of Janapatina has been in the art industry since 1996. In 2000, she attended a workshop on patinas given by Ron Young, British master patineur and the author of Contemporary Patination. It was during this workshop that the patination process seized hold of Jana's imagination.

For the next six years Jana worked at Ingwe Editions foundry. She first apprenticed for a year as a patineur gaining wide experience in the patination techniques required by Ingwe's diverse clients. She continued at Ingwe as chief patineur until 2006, when she opened her own independent bronze patina and conservation studio.

In 2015, Christiaan Wirth acquired the Patina department continuing to develop new and innovative patinas. In the field of bronze casting & patination, Christiaan Wirth has built up a nationally-respected reputation with art foundries, sculptors, galleries and museums.

Janapatina's portfolio includes bronze sculptures by renowned local and international sculptors, including Dylan Lewis, Lionel Smit, Vincent Da Silva,Beezy Bailey, Jade Waller and many others.

Passionate artists in their craft, Janapatina focusses on patination that pushes boundaries and welcome the challenge of new techniques that take their work to the next level.

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