raw bronze patina


To maintain the coloration of the patina, wax application is recommended at least once a year. However, indoor bronzes that are exposed to high humidity may need to be waxed two to three times a year.


Do not use any household cleansers or furniture polishes as they will strip the patina.

  • Using a soft, clean and dry cloth, wipe the surface of the sculpture gently to inspect for any signs of change in the patina.
  • Use a clean, dry paint brush to wipe the dust from textured areas.
  • Apply a very thin coat of carnauba paste wax to the surface with a clean bristle brush. Tre wax™ is a good carnauba wax based product to use and can be purchased through Janapatina. The wax will dry very quickly, so buffing with a clean soft cloth should be carried out within two to five minutes of application.