Welcome to Janapatina

Based in Stellenbosch (Cape Town), Janapatina specializes in the art of patination and the conservation of bronze sculptures. Janapatina provides sculptors with a range of classical, traditional and contemporary patinas for their newly cast bronzes. Our full range of standard bronze patinas are displayed under bronze patinas.

For a bronze to retain its good looks and value, the patina will require some care over time. Proud bronze owners can learn how to care for their bronzes by reading our bronze care section where they will find information regarding the care of both indoor and outdoor sculptures.

Janapatina not only creates patinas on bronze sculptures, but also a variety of beautiful patinas on other metals such as stainless steel, copper and brass. Architects and interior designers may be interested to learn about these applications and can find out more about them under other patinas.

We trust our website will be useful to all those involved in art or design who want to know more about the patination process.